Debt Collection

Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses.


The person who owes the bill or debt is the debtor. Debtors may fail to pay (default) for various reasons: because of a lack of financial planning or over commitment on their part; due to an unforeseen eventuality such as the loss of a job or health problems; dispute or disagreement over the debt or what is being billed for; or dishonesty on the part of either the creditor or the debtor. The debtor may be either a person or an entity such as a company. Collection of debts from individual people is subject to much more restrictive rules than enforcement against a business.

In short, the Debt Collection process is as follows:


·       Writing a Letter of Demand

·       Issuing of a Summons

·       Obtaining a Judgement

·       Issuing a Warrant of Execution

·       Proceeding to call the Debtor to court in order to make an offer to settle the debt by way of monthly payments